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Weather delays construction & detours

Updated: Mar 14, 2019

Due to heavy snowfall at the end of February into the beginning of March, the spring phase 2 of the Abbot/Beaver Circles project has been delayed. Completion of the project is now projected for mid-June.

As a reminder, the next phase of construction will involve closures of Abbot and Beaver drives. In preparation of closures please review the map for suggested detours.

1. Closure of Beaver Drive between Abbot Drive and Sunriver Realty for approximately six weeks.. Access to Sunriver Realty, Starbucks, Marcello’s and Café Sintra will be via Abbot Drive out of Sunriver, go around the main entry waterfall circle and return on Abbot Drive to the temporary Ponderosa Road access spur. To exit those businesses, drivers will use the same spur to Abbot Drive, which will be a right turn only. Abbot Drive tunnel construction will commence after the Beaver Circle completion.


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