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Help traffic flow, avoid collisions

A lot is happening now that construction has officially begun in and around the Abbot-Beaver Drive intersection. Traffic lights have been installed at Beaver/Abbot Drive and on each end of Abbot Drive near Sunriver’s main entry circle and Circle 1.

It is important for drivers to know that east/west traffic on Abbot Drive is utilizing a single road lane that only allows one-way traffic at a time. This traffic pattern is being controlled by the traffic lights on Abbot and Beaver. AT NO TIME SHOULD DRIVERS IGNORE THESE LIGHTS AND RISK DRIVING HEAD-ON INTO ONE-WAY TRAFFIC.

All vehicles on Beaver Drive must wait at the “STOP HERE” line/signs. Please watch and follow the traffic signal and signage to proceed onto Abbot Drive. Due to one-way traffic, NO RIGHT or LEFT TURNS ARE ALLOWED AT ANY TIME DURING A RED LIGHT from Beaver onto Abbot.

• Pay attention to traffic changes: signs, lights, flaggers, etc.

• Please slow down in the construction zone along Abbot Drive

• Be aware of heavy equipment and workers in the area

• Expect traffic delays of up to 10-15 minutes

It is suggested that drivers avoid exiting/entering Sunriver via the Abbot Drive/Beaver Drive intersection. Drivers can detour the entire construction area by using Cottonwood Road and Highway 97 to exit/enter Sunriver.


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